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A Freestanding Wood Stove That Is Economical And Efficient

by Serenity Harris

A freestanding wood stove that contains a deep burning chamber will provide heat for many hours. This type of fireplace product will produce fine ash, which will limit the amount of maintenance that will be needed between each wood-burning session.

Easy To Set Up

Choosing to have a standard fireplace constructed can be expensive and require that structural materials within a home are altered. A freestanding fireplace product is one that will not require any modifications to a home's existing layout. This type of wood-burning product will require the use of an exhaust system.

A technician who installs a wood stove will configure where the exhaust will need to be anchored. Typically, a venting system can be installed in a wall or a ceiling. Once the venting system is set up, the smoke that is released while wood is burning will be vented outdoors.

Energy Efficient

Many manufacturers of fireplaces and freestanding wood-burning products are mindful of how much pollution a wood-burning unit produces. The Environmental Protection Act includes standards that relate to the amount of contaminants that are released into the air when a wood-burning product is actively utilized. A manufacturer of a wood-burning stove may take the EPA guidelines seriously, ensuring that a freestanding stove will burn cleanly and efficiently.

Due to the deep burning chamber that a quality wood stove possesses, an end user can enjoy the warmth of a fire for many hours. Plenty of kindling will fit inside a large chamber. This will essentially mean that there will be no need to replenish kindling on a frequent basis.

Custom Features

If you are ready to enjoy the warmth of a fire, shop for a wood-burning stove that can be customized. Many stove models contain a stainless steel door. Stainless steel will provide an adequate seal around the wood-burning chamber. A manufacturer of wood stoves may offer custom colors that you can select from. These colors will be used to coat the exterior parts of a wood-burning stove.

The products that are used to provide a stove with a custom color will not peel or fade while a stove is actively being used. Many modern wood-burning stoves contain a built-in thermostat. The thermostat will not require the use of electricity. Once you purchase a stove unit and have it installed, you can fill it up with wood and ignite it without needing to tend to the fire while it is burning throughout the day or night.

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