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How To Get Rid Of Dust In Your Home

by Serenity Harris

If you have allergies, being stuck in a house with dust can be annoying and even painful. However, once dust is in a house, it is very difficult to do a thorough enough job cleaning it up so that it is totally gone. You can either hire a professional house cleaning service and then thoroughly stopper up your house so that dust is minimized, or you can try some of these steps to get rid of dust in your house on your own:

1. Organize Your Closet

Your closet is a great place for dust to form. In order to minimize the dust that forms here, you should take everything out of your closet and give it a deep cleaning, meaning that you wipe down all of the shelves, vacuum the floors, and polish the walls.

Once the closet is clean, put everything that used to be on the shelves of your closet into clear plastic boxes with lids that seal tightly. You want these items in boxes in order to make sure that any fibers that are shed from your clothes do not attach themselves to your other items. You want to minimize the amount of items that are affected by dust that you cannot prevent.

Before you put your clothes back, make sure that you wash any clothes that you might not have worn for awhile. This will free them of dust fibers temporarily. Commit to thoroughly cleaning your closet once every few weeks in order to keep the level of dust under control

2. Change Your Bedding

Many people don't change their bedding nearly as often as is necessary. You really need to make sure that you change it once every five to ten days in order to make sure that you are regularly removing the dust. How often you need to change your bedding is up to you. If you find yourself sneezing or suffering any other allergy symptoms as time goes on, then there's a good chance that you need to change the bedding.

Keep track of how long it took for your to feel symptoms after each bedding change and then take an average of all of the days. This will allow you to create a schedule that will allow you to avoid having to feel these symptoms.

3. Turn the Thermostat Fan on When Vacuuming

When you are vacuuming, you are forcing the dust into the air. In order to make sure that it stays out of your air ducts, turn your thermostat settings so that the fan is on. This fan will keep the dust contained to one room that you can tidy up when the dust has settled.

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