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Five Considerations for a Backyard Hammock

by Serenity Harris

A hammock can provide the perfect place in your yard to relax. There are many types and styles of hammocks, but knowing the basics can help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Basic Style

There are two basic styles when it comes to hammocks. The first is the spreader bar hammock. These have a bar at either end that the hammock ends attach to. Ropes then attach to the spreader bars to suspend the hammock in place. The result is a flat hammock that hangs relatively level.

The second type is the cocoon-style hammock, which has gathered ends so that it resembles a banana in shape. When laying in a cocoon-style hammock, it wraps around you and cradles you just like a cocoon. 

2. Materials

Outdoor lawn hammocks are usually but not always made of an outdoor synthetic fabric like heavy-duty outdoor treated nylons. Natural fibers are sometimes used, but these should be put away when not in use to protect them against weathering and sun damage.

Rope hammocks, which are made of woven rope nets, are also popular. You can find rope hammocks in both spreader bar and cocoon style hammocks. Combination styles, such as the Brazilian cocoon styles, have fabric laying areas with rope ends that gather it all together.

3. Hang Method

If you have two trees or posts at the right distance, you can simply hang the hammock between them. For trees, make sure to use wide tree straps to attach the hammock to the trunks, otherwise, a narrow hammock rope may tear at and damage the bark. 

Hammock stands are an option if you don't have any trees or posts on site. These stands allow you to put a free-standing hammock anywhere in your yard. You can even move the location as desired so you can alter your lounging spot from day to day. 

4. Accessories

There are quite a few accessories that can be added to your hammock. Bug netting hammock "tents" fit over a hammock to create a bubble that is free of mosquitoes and other small pests. There are even hammocks that feature a full tent mode, which means you can use them for camping as well as in the yard.

There are also small bags that can hang from the side or hanging ropes of a hammock to hold cold drinks or other small items. Sewn-in comfort pillows, stabilizer lines, and other accessories are also available.

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