Creating A Beautiful Home

Four Unique Kitchen Amenities For Your Countertops

by Serenity Harris

When planning a kitchen remodel, it's important to think about all the amenities you want to include. Your kitchen counter space provides a host of options for functionality, and a little bit of creativity can make the most of this space. Here are some options to discuss with your remodeling contractor to create a beautiful counter that works for you during and after meal prep.

Built-In Drainboard

Even if you plan to add a dishwasher to your kitchen, a drainboard can be a versatile addition to the counter. An angled slope and ridged texture provide the perfect perch for oversized pots and pans, so you can dry them without having to add a dish drainer to your stunning counter line. This board sits right next to your sink, letting water flow away to prevent damage to counters and to expedite the drying process. You can also use the board to assist when rinsing fruits and veggies for meals or for overflow dish drying after dinner parties.

Pullout Cutting Board

Some counter materials, such as granite, can be sturdy and durable enough for use with cutting boards. Work with your contractor to create a pullout cutting board using the same counter material you'll be installing in the rest of your kitchen. This board takes up minimal space in your cabinet area, and it also conserves space on your counters. Consider placing the board near the sink and drainboard so you can rinse, dry, and chop fresh foods all in one place. You may want to consider adding two pullout boards, as this lets you dedicate one to produce and one to meats and poultry.

Dedicated Serving Counter

If you host a lot of dinner parties or gatherings, consider creating a dedicated serving counter in your kitchen. This can be positioned on a second smaller kitchen island near the dining room, or it can be added to the end of your existing cabinet line. The extra counter space should be equipped with decorative heat lamps above to keep foods warm and ready for serving. For homes with a half-wall dividing the kitchen and dining room, use this wall as the platform for your extra counter. Ask your contractor to install cabinetry beneath to house serving platters so you can plate, warm, and serve foods for parties in one central location.

Built-In Table

While some kitchens have islands with counter-height seating, this arrangement doesn't lend itself well to family dining. Adding a circular table to the end of the counter provides plenty of seating for your whole family to enjoy a meal together. Your counter material serving as the tabletop creates a cohesive look in the kitchen, and the built-in table conserves some floor space to prevent the room from looking crowded or cluttered. You can position the table at counter height or you can have it dropped a bit for a more traditional setup.

Contact a contractor to discuss your kitchen countertops.