Creating A Beautiful Home

Want An Automated Home? Consider These 4 Ideas

by Serenity Harris

Do you want to have a smart home that fully utilizes home automation? If so, you will want to consider the following automation ideas that will make it feel like you are living in the future.

Automated Lights

One must-have for any home is smart lighting. There are many reasons why this should be your focus since you won't notice how convenient it is until the lighting system is working. You can do things like program the lights to turn on in the morning and be dimmed low, then slowly ramp up as you wake up. You can also set timers up to turn off lights as you leave for work and use voice commands to turn all the lights in your home off before bed. You can even set up smart away features to simulate the look as if someone is in your home moving room to room while you are away on vacation.

Electronic Shades

Having electronic shades that open and close can provide several benefits. Set up a schedule that open shades during the day, close them while you're away from work to stop sunlight from getting in, open them when you come home in the evening to get more natural light, and close them again in the evening so that you have privacy. There will no longer be a need to open and close the shades again by hand. 

Smart Garage Door

Have you ever left your home and not remembered if you closed your garage door? Installing a smart garage door opener can help prevent you from making an unexpected trip back to the house. This can be done in a few ways since you can either use an app to check the status of the garage door or have the garage door automatically close after it has been open for a specified amount of time. 

Smart Locks

A nice home automation addition to have are smart locks on all of your main entry doors. Tie the locks to the same voice command you use to turn off the lights, and you can lock all of the doors as well for some peace of mind. If you need to let somebody into your home during the day, like a dog walker, you can set up access to your home using an app to unlock the door. The nice thing about this feature is that access can easily be revoked without having to change the locks and worry about a spare key being out in the wild. 

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