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Have A Backyard That Is Sensitive To Wind? Grow Trees To Reduce The Negative Effects

by Serenity Harris

Wind is a considerable problem in some areas. If you do not stop the wind, you could have things blowing around in your backyard, which is not something you want to worry about on a consistent basis. One solution is to just get rid of everything that is sensitive in the landscape and let the wind flow. A superior plan is to create a wind break on your property to help you avoid most wind-related issues.

Outdoor Furniture

The first thing that you may have trouble with keeping on your patio is outdoor furniture. Both wood and metal furniture are naturally heavy enough to withstand most windy conditions. But, if you have plastic furniture in the backyard, you should create a windbreak to eliminate the chance of blowing or damage. American arborvitae is one of the trees that you can grow for a reliable windbreak.

Growing certain trees can lead to issues later on if the roots were to start moving where your furniture is located. Making it a priority to avoid trees with aggressive root growth is ideal.

Sensitive Flowers

Several problems that flowers and plants can have stem from wind damage. Both dried leaf and ragged foliage are often caused by the wind, which is a legitimate concern for flower gardens. Most native flowers should not have much of a wind problem because they will have evolved to handle high winds. But, you will have to rely on trees to keep your most delicate flowers from harm.

Wind Chill

While wind itself can blow off flower petals and cause a considerable amount of damage to your landscape, you cannot forget about the wind chill that comes with a cold season. When the temperature goes below freezing and the wind starts picking up, the temperature caused by wind chill will be even lower. This can be unhealthy for the plants that are only able to handle mild winter conditions. Growing trees in a strategic location can give you the wind protection that you need to keep these plants alive.

Backyards are unique and give you so much opportunity to do what you want with them. But, your landscape can quickly get ruined if you do not know how to limit the wind. To eliminate unnecessary wind and shelter your backyard with trees and shrubs, contact a professional like A-1 Expert Tree Service and ask about which trees you should consider planting.