Creating A Beautiful Home

Managing Invasive Roots To Protect Your Foundation From Damage

by Serenity Harris

Trees add natural beauty and style to your home, but their roots can cause a variety of problems with your foundation that can threaten the safety of your home. Tree removal is often a necessity, but it's possible to avoid this solution.

Types Of Damage That Roots Can Cause To Foundations

Trees with invasive roots grow incredibly fast and can push up against your foundation as they grow. As they grow, they can start putting pressure on the foundation, potentially damaging its structural integrity. This is especially true in colder weather, when frost heave can cause the roots to expand and contract and crack the walls in your basement.

Tree roots can also grow into the drainage system of your foundation, severely damaging it, and causing floods to occur whenever it rains heavily. A flooded basement is likely to experience a growth of dangerous molds and fungus, which can lead to severe health problems.

Common Trees With Invasive Roots

Before trying to control the roots of your trees or remove them from your yard, it's worth knowing what kind of trees have invasive roots. In this way, you can make the proper plans to avoid foundation damage to your home. Some common trees that have highly invasive roots include:

  • Hybrid Poplars
  • Willow
  • American Elm
  • Silver Maple

Trees like this should never be planted closer than 25-50 feet near your home, as this increases their likelihood of damaging your foundation. Unfortunately, there's a good chance you didn't plan the trees that are impacting your foundation, but simply want to stop their roots from damaging your home. Can you control root growth without removing a beautiful tree?

Controlling Your Root Systems

If you are worried that your tree roots are damaging the foundation of your home, there is a solution: root barriers, which are installed around the foundation of your home. These barriers will force tree roots to grow down and away from your foundation. It's also possible to trim tree roots and impede their growth, but this can often damage the tree if done improperly.

Deciding If Tree Removal Is Necessary

The worst part of this whole process is deciding if your trees must be removed to save the integrity of your foundation. Nobody wants to cut beautiful trees out of their yard, but it must be done if your home is in danger. Remove trees from your yard if:

If you decide that tree removal is your only solution to root damage, please contact a professional today to get a free assessment. They will help carefully and successfully remove your tree without causing further foundation damage.