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Captured And Framed: Creative Ways Birdwatchers Can Show Off And Preserve Their Best Bird Photos

by Serenity Harris

If you enjoy watching and photographing birds, nothing is more exciting than capturing the perfect image of your feathered friends. Bird photography is hard, and you may take hundreds of photos before you find one that stands out as the perfect picture.

Getting your photos off the camera and on display will give you the opportunity to share your best bird pictures with others. It will also allow you to see the rewards of your patience and preserve your best shots.

Printing your photos

If possible, have your photos printed professionally. If you opt to print your own, you should be aware of the difference in quality of various photo papers. Make sure you use a premium paper for your bird photos. Get familiar with the settings on your printer. Most printers have special settings for use with specific types of paper, and these settings can mean the difference between mediocre prints and prints that stand out and get noticed.

Framing your photos

Bird photos make great additions to your home. If you want to create a nature-inspired picture gallery for your home, you should have your photos professionally framed for the best results.

Custom picture frames can make a huge difference in the quality of your framed bird photos. Choose frames to match your home décor. For instance, if your theme is the coastal look, choose frames with a weathered finish. If your home décor is a modern theme, you may want to select a frame with a metallic finish. Get your custom frames from a place like Artistic Wholesale Supply.

Mix and match oval, square, and rectangular frames to achieve good contrast when designing a wall grouping of bird photos. Use accent pieces with a nature theme to create a lovely tabletop photo grouping. Miniature bird baths, bird nests, swags of flowers, and birdhouses make great accent pieces.

Creating a scrapbook

Making your own birding scrapbook is a project that will keep on growing for years to come. Many birdwatchers enjoy keeping a written journal of their bird sightings. However, a scrapbook makes a great visual journal to document and display your list of birds.

Choose a scrapbook that is acid free to protect your photos. The scrapbook section of your local department store will have plenty of supplies to get your started. Look for nature-themed stickers and embellishments to complement your photos.

Use a page for each species of bird you photograph. Journal a few interesting facts about each bird along with the photo. Include the date the photo was taken and where it was captured.

Display your scrapbook on a coffee table or accent table in the living room or family room. Guests in your home won't be able to resist browsing through your great photos, and you will be proud to share your best bird photography with your friends and family members.

Many great bird photos never make it any further than the digital device they were captured on. Why let those great bird photos go unnoticed? With a little time and effort, you can get them off the camera and on display for your own personal enjoyment and to share with others.