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Tight On Yard Space? 3 Tasteful, Compact Finishing Touches For Your Yard

by Serenity Harris

One of the most common concerns people have when designing or redesigning their yard is how to fully express their ideas of a perfect yard in the limited space many homeowners have. Families with pets and children are even further constrained, since there needs to be ample room left over for play after a yard has been designed and decorated. To solve this problem and make room for tasteful accents, good-natured play, and some breathing room, here are three suggestions for yard decorations that are compact yet pack a serious aesthetic punch. 

Minimalist Water Fountain

A water fountain is pretty much plug-and-play and makes any yard look much more classy. A smaller, minimalist fountain will give you some breathing space and won't make it look like one part of your yard was stolen from Buckingham Palace. Modern designs often make use of rectangular basins, sheer faces for water to run down, and spheres in some cases. Portable fountains provide the added advantage of mobility, which means you can bust out the fountain for your outdoor gatherings and you can bring it inside in the winter without the need for winterizing. If you don't want your fountain to take up any space at all, then wall mounted versions are the way to go, especially if you have a shed or outdoor shower, which will make the fountain more a part of your yard than a part of your house. 

Pebble Planter

Planters are the type of decoration that can either look elegant or dilapidated depending on very minute differences in design. Planters that are covered in pebbles are sure to hit it out of the park since they provide visual interest yet maintain a natural look that is lost in tile and mosaic style planters. One thing to note about pebble planters is that it's extremely important to keep them clean for their best look, so frequent power washing is key. 

Rock Garden

A rock garden is perhaps the pinnacle of low-cost, low maintenance yard additions that add class to any yard across the board. Rock gardens are also perfect because they can be done in a huge number of ways. If you want a rock garden in a specific part of your yard, then you can just lay down a sand or pebble foundation in a corner or side of your yard and get to work. If you'd rather not take up a whole corner of your yard, then you can integrate the look with the rest of your existing yard. Small stacks or pyramids of rocks scattered around your yard can have a surprisingly cohesive effect, simulating years of landscape design in a project that can be done in a weekend. 

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