Creating A Beautiful Home

Redecorating Tips For Budget-Conscious People

by Serenity Harris

Are you thinking about redecorating your home? Are you dreading the potentially high cost of buying all-new items for your living room or family room? While it can be costly to redecorate, it doesn't need to be. Here are some tips to make the most of your budget:

Buy new curtains: Many people may neglect to purchase drapery treatments, in favor of getting a new couch, but this is something you shouldn't ignore. Your drapes can help set the mood and tone of the entire room and shouldn't be neglected. They can also be a focal point in a room. If your existing drapery treatments are older than any of the furniture that is currently in your home, it's doubly important to purchase new ones as soon as possible. Old and worn out curtains can give your room a drab and tired feeling. After replacing your curtains, your room should already have a newer and more vibrant feel.

Reupholster your furniture: If your sofa and armchairs are structurally sound, but have worn fabric and sagging cushions, you may be able to save money by having them reupholstered. If you want a new style of sofa, a good upholsterer may be able to make slight modifications to your sofa in order to help accommodate your wishes. By having your furniture reupholstered, you can have their fabric changed to match the drapery treatments that you've already purchased. Instead of spending hours searching your local furniture stores for an appropriate couch and matching armchairs, the upholsterer should be able to get exactly what you want with as little of your time spent as possible.

Paint just one or two walls: If you're finding quality paint to be out of your price range, stop making plans to paint your entire house. Instead, paint just a few walls to act as accents in your home. If your living room windows with their new drapery treatments are on one wall, paint the opposite wall in a complementary color. If your new drapes are blue, you might want to consider painting the wall a warm orange. If you're going for a more monochromatic look, you should paint the wall in a slightly different shade of blue instead. But to avoid making the room boring and uninteresting looking, you should never paint the walls in the exact same shade as whatever drapery treatments that you are using.

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