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2 Window Repairs You Should Make In Your House Before Winter Moves In

by Serenity Harris

Because the cold winter months are just ahead, take the time now to make some window repairs around your home. These repairs will keep cold air from getting into your home, which will keep you warmer, and save you money on your energy bills each month. 

Window Weather Stripping

Check the weather stripping around the windows to make sure the stripping has no cracks or is not entirely missing. Remove the damaged weather stripping from window by peeling it off if it is the adhesive kind. The stripping may be nailed in. If so, remove each nail and then peel the stripping off.

If you had nail on stripping, you may want to replace it with the adhesive stripping, as it is much easier to install. With this type, you simply remove the backing, and place the stripping around the windows.

Before you start replacing the stripping, make sure all old weather stripping is completely removed, and then clean the area around the frame with a mild soap and water. Wipe it dry and feel along the edges. If it does not feel completely smooth, lightly sand it down. If you have any small nail holes, fill these in and then sand them down.  When finished, remove the backing of the stripping and press it firmly in place. Start in one small area at a time and move your way around the window. Repeat this process for each window that needs new weather stripping.

Window Screen

Over time, window screens can get torn or punctured. As long as the window frame is in good condition, this is a repair you can likely make on your own, and it will not take up a lot of your time.

To get started, remove the window frame from the window, and then pry out the old screen using a narrow-tipped screwdriver or an awl. Measure around the frame so you know how much screen you need to purchase. In most cases, you will purchase screen in a roll so you can cut it the size you need it to be. Purchase the new screen at a home supply store. When shopping, you will notice many different types to choose from.

Lay the new screen material over the frame. It should overlap the frame approximately an inch or so.  Start pushing the screen in starting at the top left side and move your way down and around the window frame. When the screen is installed, use a utility knife to trim away any excess screen. You are now ready to reinstall the window frame.

If you are having problems getting your window screens installed, contact a window company in your area (such as Northridge Screen) to install the screens for you.