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How To Eliminate Wood Boring Beetles From A Tree

by Serenity Harris

Wood boring beetles feed off many tree types, causing the trees to become weak and diminish in beauty. If you have noticed small circular or oval holes in the bark of one of your trees and spotted beetles on its exterior, eliminate them with one of the following methods.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural pesticide that comes from the berries that are found on neem trees. It can safely be used around people and pets and will not cause harm to wild animals that live on your property. Liberally spray the oil on any parts of the tree that have been affected by wood boring beetles. The oil will disrupt the beetles' digestive systems after they ingest it. It is also capable of stunting the beetles' growth and hindering their ability to breathe. Reapply the oil every couple weeks until the beetles are all gone.

Pesticide Injection System

Pesticide injected into the tree will eliminate wood boring beetles within a couple weeks after it is administered. It is also useful for eliminating a variety of other pests. Use a power drill to create small holes around the base of the tree. The holes only need to be around an inch deep and spaced a few inches apart from each other. Add the pesticide to the holes with a syringe.

The tree will absorb the pesticide and the beetles will ingest it when they feed on the bark. An injection system is effective for months and can be used each spring before pests become a problem.

Orange Oil

Orange oil contains d-Limonene, a natural insecticide. Once wood boring beetles come into contact with it, their respiratory systems will begin to fail and death will occur within a few days. Orange oil will also interfere with the beetles' digestive systems if they ingest it while eating parts of the tree. Add orange to the damaged parts of the tree's trunk. The oil will emit a pleasant scent and can be reapplied on a regular basis until all of the beetles are gone.

After you have treated the tree, continue to care for it by pruning its branches, removing dead limbs, and making sure that it receives plenty of water. Favorable conditions and regular maintenance will increase the chance that wood boring beetles will not become a problem again. Your tree will continue to thrive, add beauty to your property, and provide you with beneficial shade.

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