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3 Tips For Estimating Household Moving Costs

by Serenity Harris

Moving your household from one home to another can be a time-consuming, stressing affair. Proper preparation is key to minimizing the mental and physical strain on everyone. One aspect is estimating how much it will cost to move your belongings. Here are some tips for calculating what the cost of moving will be. 

Factor in Time

When professional moving companies provide you with an estimate for your belongings, one factor that is used to calculate the estimate is time. The companies calculate how much distance and time is between your old location and new and how long it will take to pack and unpack your belongings. 

Some movers charge a minimum regardless of how long you actually need their services. Other will do it based on how much time you actually require. 

When estimating the costs yourself, honestly assess how long it will take to pack up each room, transport the belongings, and unpack them. If you have rooms with a lot of possessions in them, an hour for each room could be used for the estimate. 

Estimate the Weight

If you are moving long distance, there is a good chance that the moving company will charge you for weight. When the company provides you with an estimate, it will be based on how much the stuff in each room will weigh once it is on the truck. 

If weight is factored in, the truck will be weighed by the moving company on the big day. 

Although you cannot get as accurate as the moving company's scale when estimating your costs, you can guesstimate using a moving calculator. There are many moving calculators available online. Simply enter the information requested and you can get a rough estimate of what your belongings will weigh. 

Remember the Miscellaneous Items

Expenses, such as packing supplies and transportation for you and your family, also need to be calculated. These items can quickly add up. Estimate how much you will need and make a trip to your local packing supply store. Write down the prices of the supplies you need and add up how much they will cost. 

You also need to include the cost of insurance. You will need insurance to cover the cost of your belongings as you travel. If something happens, you want to be sure that you can file a claim to have your items replaced. 

Knowing ahead of time what you are expected to pay for moving can help you prepare. Your estimate might not be entirely accurate, but it gives you a chance to start squirreling away the money you need to move. For more information about the costs, call a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.