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3 Things You Should Not Expect From Your Portable Air Purifying System

by Serenity Harris

So you have made the jump and decided that the investment in an air purifier will be a great investment for your home and family. It goes without saying that an air purifier provides great benefit to the average household. However, there are some things that you should not expect from your portable air purifier. The easiest way to find disappointment in the unit you invest in is by expecting way too much. Here are three things you should not expect your air purifier to accomplish.

Eliminate Moisture and Humidity

Portable air purifiers are designed to withdraw air and filter out small particles. However, the particles that are filtered are light in weight and miniscule. You should not expect your system to get rid of excessive amounts of humidity inside of the home as this is not what a purifier is designed to accomplish. Moisture particles in the air are much heavier than just allergens or dust, which is not something the average purifier can handle.

Eliminate Strong Odors from Your Home

It is a common misconception that a portable air purifier will eliminate strong odors in the home. While it is true that the freshness of the air can be somewhat better, you should know that a lot of odors come from moisture particles. For example, the smell of cigarette smoke is caused by heavy moisture particles in the air and will not be completely eliminated. Furthermore the liquid-based gas particles from tobacco smoke that do get withdrawn into the filter, can get trapped inside and disperse gases back into the atmosphere.

Eliminate Your Problems with Allergies

Most air purifiers are designed to help relieve a space from some of the air particles and allergens, such as pet dander and dust mites. However, you should not expect that a single portable unit will completely eliminate your own issues with allergies. There are way too may other factors that can come into play with your own allergies besides the allergens that can be removed by the purifier you have.

Portable air purifiers are capable of providing the home with cleaner, healthier air. Keep in mind that not every unit is the same and each model is designed to do something a little different. By knowing what you should not expect from your unit, you will be much happier with its function over time. Talk to a professional like Vacuum of Jacksonville for more information.