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Give Your Friend A Custom Spa Basket

by Serenity Harris

Bath and spa gift baskets are great ways to tell people to slow down and take care of themselves. There are many spa baskets that you can order online and you can also create one yourself.

Focus on Presentation

Presentation is an important part of creating a spa basket. Do not simply place all of the presents lumped together in the basket. For example, you might place each of the spa items in a separate container so that they remain organized. Rather than simply use a basket by itself, you need to include decorative items to make the basket special. This includes ribbons, glitter, and plastic wrap to protect the basket and a card that has a heartfelt message written in it. These items are what will make your spa basket stand out.  

Think Outside the Basket

Your spa basket does not have to contain only spa items. Brainstorm items specific to the person you're giving the basket to. Do they have an affinity for stuffed animals? If you make your own basket, you don't have to include the same old generic teddy bear. 

Choose Your Spa Products

Normally, you will want to choose items in your basket that have a neutral color. This is because a spa basket is intended to be relaxing. Bright colors should only be used if they have a special meaning. Great products for your spa basket include bath salts, lotions, perfumes, soaps, bath oils, meditation music, and massage tools. Anything that is used in a bathtub might work in a spa basket.

Get a Basket

The basket itself does not necessarily need to be expensive. In fact, some spa baskets are simply thrown away after the spa supplies run out. The container should be just large enough to hold everything you have purchased. Conversely, you could purchase the spa basket first and use it as a guide for how many items you should purchase.

Consider Making Custom Spa Products

Not only can you arrange the spa basket yourself, but you can also make some of the spa products on your own. You can make bath scrub with epsom salts and sunflower oil. You can transform a candy or mint tin into a candle by filling it with melted wax and adding a wick. Consider adding custom embroidery to monogram a hand towel or bath robe. These personal touches will make your spa basket much more meaningful.