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Three Reasons Your Home Will Benefit From A Water Softener

by Serenity Harris

If there's one thing that people use every single day, it's water. Because of that, it's important to make sure the water is high quality. Unfortunately, many people have hard water in their homes: water that's filled with minerals and chemicals. The minerals in hard water will cling to anything they touch, including clothes, dishes, pipes, and even your hair and body. When that water dries, it leaves behind residue that can cause permanent damage over time. But there is hope! There are specially designed systems that can soften the water of any home. Here are just a few reasons that an investment in soft water is one that is worth the price.

Reason #1: Soft Water Is Better for the Environment

It seems like people become more and more conscious of the environment all the time, and are always looking for new ways to help the planet. Water softening can actually have a relatively big impact on the environment, primarily through reduced energy consumption. Appliances that get clogged up by hard water will need to work harder, using more energy. A gas or electric water heater can use up to 25% more energy if the water isn't softened.

Reason #2: Soft Water Saves Money

There's never a bad time to save money, but especially when economic times get hard, people start to pay more attention to cutting costs. Like a lot of situations, this is one where you'll need to spend money to ultimately save money. But in the end, the cost benefits of soft water will pay for itself multiple times over. One of the largest benefits comes in heating your water. Over time, even a miniscule layer of hardness can increase heating costs dramatically. Beyond heating, every single appliance that uses water, from your dishwasher to refrigerator to the washing machine can become damaged over time by hard water. It puts stress on the inner workings of the equipment and can cause early wear. Having soft water means these appliances will have a longer life. In addition, soft water saves money on clothes, since they'll hold their color longer, and on detergents for dishes and laundry.

Reason #3: Soft Water is Cleaner

When hard water dries, it leaves behind residue. Soft water will not only leave your clothes and dishes cleaner, but even leaves your body cleaner. Hard water can lead to dry skin and dry scalp, and will leave spots on your dishes, counter tops and windows. With soft water, you won't find as many spots, and you'll see softer skin and hair as a result.

Purchasing a water softening system for your home may seem like daunting or unnecessary, but it's a purchase that quickly pays for itself many times over. When you're saving money, helping the environment, and getting better usage from your water, what's not to love?

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