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Five DIY Tips For Painting Doors And Door Frames In Your Home

by Serenity Harris

If you have internal doors in your home that need to be painted, this can be an easy DIY project to take on. Whether doors are old or recently replaced, painting doors and door frames can immediately upgrade the look of your home. Here are five tips for painting doors and door frames within your home.

1. Keep Doors Installed

Painting inside while doors are installed is the quickest, most simple way for your painting job. If you are also painting the frames, getting all painting completed within the home will go quickly and efficiently. Make sure to ventilate your home and keep pets and children away from your project.

2. Spend Time on Your Setup

It can be exciting to get a new project underway, but taking precautions to prep for an inside paint job are important. Cover up walls and flooring that you do not want any excess paint to come into contact with as best you can. Invest in painters tape to make sure your job will look clean and professional. Don't get going on your project until you have fully protected the area around doorways.

3. Protect Hinges from Paint

Rather than painting over hinges that still have their original metal intact, it is a good idea to keep their integrity and not paint over. Painting will just rub and cause flaking along the way with normal door usage. Conceal hinges with painters tape or paint over with rubber cement to protect them completely from your painting project.

4. Pick Paint Wisely

Pick a unifying color for both the door and door frame. Whites will bring a fresh look to your interior and will brighten and open up your space. Using a paint that will match your overall trim and molding in your home will unify your look. Normally a glossy-based paint is the best choice for doors and door frames.

5. Prep Both Your Door and Frame

If you have installed a new door, it might be ready for painting right away. If your door and frame aren't necessarily new, getting these sanded and buffed will help with your installation. Proper preparation will ensure that your paint job will be long-lasting.

Painting interiors is a great way to instantly freshen up the look of your home. Doorways can especially add accents and a new look. Whether you are painting replacement doors, from a place like Duranotic Door Inc, and frames for the first time, or repainting older doorways, be sure to understand your project and carefully plan for all steps involved.