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3 Reasons To Seek Help Evicting Rolly Pollies

by Serenity Harris

You might know pillbugs by their cute nicknames: rolly pollies. These bugs, also known as sowbugs, live in moist areas and wet soil. Though they will not harm a human being directly, they can certainly cause a bit of damage. For this reason, many homeowners opt to exterminate the insects or to create an environment that they do not find welcoming. Here are a few reasons to consider doing the same this year.

1. Pillbugs can break through your mulch

Just when you thought that your crop of fruit was going to be perfect, the rolly pollies got to it. Pillbugs break down organic matter, especially that which is decaying. For this reason, they often tag onto cantaloupe, strawberry and other fruit plants.

In order to combat this, many gardeners will use a barrier between the fruit plant and the soil during ripening season. This barrier could consist of plastic, cardboard or fabric mulch. Unfortunately, this still provides a place for rolly pollies to hang out, just waiting to taste your delicious fruit.

2. Pillbugs are notoriously hard to eliminate without drying your soil

No matter how much you try to get rid of pillbugs, they are always a nuisance. You do not want to have to dry out your garden just to keep these insects at bay. There is no reason your plants should die of thirst. That would go against the entire point of getting rid of the bugs, right? Instead, focus on getting help with the elimination process. Otherwise, you might find yourself going without the annual crop this year.

3. You do not want to poison yourself

Unfortunately, many of the pesticides intended to take out pillbugs and other pests are dangerous for human consumption. Obviously, you do not want to use these anywhere near your garden. A highly skilled exterminator will know which poisons are safe for humans (and pets). Plus, there might be a few helpful insects that you actually want to keep in your garden because they contribute to the quality of your soil. Keep the chemicals to the professionals to avoid making a grave error.

Pillbugs make it quite difficult to maintain container plants and to keep transplants looking fresh and healthy. Those little bugs might be cute when they roll into a little ball, but they certainly won't seem cute when you don't get to eat those fresh berries you planted. For more help, contact a company with professional termite control experience to learn more.