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Seven Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House

by Serenity Harris

It has been estimated that there are 10 quintillion bugs alive on earth. While they may do a lot to keep the earth functioning, chances are you do not want them living in your home. Here are seven things you can do to keep those bugs outside where they belong.

1. Repair your screen door. Bugs can find their way in through even the tiniest tears (especially when it is dark outside and they are drawn to the lights inside). Repair your screen often and purchase a new one when it can't be repaired. If you have pets or children, purchase a magnetic screen door that opens and closes easily. 

2. Add door closers to your doors. You can purchase hydraulic devices that will close your door when it is open. It is particularly important to put these on the doors that lead to the outside. If your door closes quickly, fewer bugs will get in. 

3. Hire a pest control company. They will spray insecticide around your foundation every few months. This "invisible barrier" will keep the bugs away from your house. They can also look for any small openings in your home that pests can crawl through. 

4. Check your window screens. If you open your windows often, make sure your window screens are also in good repair. It is best to check them every spring since winter storms can damage them. If holes are small, you can cover them with clear nail polish. While you are at it, make sure there are no cracks in the caulk around your windows. 

5. Plant bug-repelling herbs outside your doors and windows. There are many plants that will deter bugs. Try:

  • basil to deter flies and mosquitoes
  • lavender to repel flies, moths, and fleas
  • spearmint to repel rodents, ants, beetles, and moths 
  • chrysanthemum to deter roaches, ants, ticks, lice, fleas, and bed bugs
  • venus flytrap to ingest insects 

6. Spread Diatomaceous Earth around your foundation. It is natural, non-toxic, organic, and safe around children and pets. It will kill ants, spiders, bed bugs, and cockroaches. It attaches to their exoskeletons and makes them dehydrate quickly. You can also place it along your baseboards, in your cupboards, under your bed, wherever you want. Reapply every month or so for added protection.

7. Remove piles of debris or leaves from your yard. Insects like to use them for shelter. Once they have taken over your yard, they may decide to move into your home. You should also check wood piles, bird feeders, tree houses, and any areas that collect standing water. Keep all tree and bush branches away from your home so that pests can't climb from them to your house. 

When warm weather hits each year, follow these tips and protect your home from the oncoming invasion. For more information, contact ASE Pest & Weed Supplies or a similar company.